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A set of hardcore leaders and businessmen known for their trendsetting journey have determined to tap the World’s most popular, country’s leading and the fastest growing sector of Home Appliances.Nearly 40 years of hands-on experience backs our credibility in various industries like Export, Imports, Raw material Processing, Plastic Molding, OEM manufacturing of Apparels & Garments and also strong foothold in Real Estate business. Now the group is foraying into White Goods, Home Appliances, Electronic Appliances and Kitchen Appliances. Already the brand leader in various industries, we are ready to follow suit in introducing brand concept in “Household” sector as well.Keeping in mind our experience of over 40 years in various industries in the Indian market; we understand the Indian consumers and believe in spreading smiles with our new range of Vego Air Coolers.

Your Comfort, Our Priority


At VEGO it’s our mission to deliver the best to our consumers. It’s our constant endeavor to understand the pulse of our consumers by studying the insights. The optimum use of cutting-edge technology and passionate creativity helps us deliver products that make life better for our consumers...


At VEGO we believe in staying ahead of the curve. We innovate and deliver breakthrough products by applying latest technologies in state-of-the-art production facilities. Also by focusing on cutting-edge designs we successfully meet the world-wide demand...


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